Friday, July 24, 2009

quote of the day

"One of our earliest shows was 'Floyd Collins.' My wife to this day still shivers at the feeling of claustrophobia and cold, damp conditions that were created in the cave. So for any of the artists that were in that production, if you don't think your work has lasting memory, I can still talk to her about it today and she'll still shiver."
– terry kurtenbach
interim board president
skylight opera theatre
"any of the artists that were in that production" includes bryce lord, fired last week from the skylight's upcoming production of "the barber of seville" for something he wrote on facebook.

many of us are shivering too, terry.


  1. I just don't know what to say to this. How telling of the entire situation.

  2. Were the artists questioning the lasting impact of their work? I found it very curious that this was even brought up. Clearly Terry believes we not only lack value to the community (although, he being the big man that he is, sees things's just that nasty, unwieldy board, but let's not get into that right now), but that we question that value ourselves. It's true we may, but we certainly weren't this morning, or at least we weren't questioning our colleague's values. Only the board has done that. Oh, and Dillner.

  3. Thought you'd like that Floyd Collins bit. He also he appears to be Tony Clements biggest fan!

  4. Hey Tony, I hate to ask, but you have become our communication hub:
    I have been hearing from a lot of friends, saying "I wish I had a contract, so I could rip it up." Do you think there would be any value to an "I wouldn't work for Skylight if they asked me" list? Eric keeps saying how easy it will be to replace the locals. I don't think it will be.
    I don't mean to pressure anyone, only to give a chance to those who want to join the boycott.

  5. @Becky: If I had a nickel for every time I said that in the last week....

  6. A word about Facebook postings. Skylight has two group pages, one fan page, and one profile page that I can find on Facebook. The profile page is the one where you can become a "friend." If you are a "friend" of the Skylight, and your own profile is open to "friends only," whoever controls this Skylight page, will be able to read comments you post on your own wall. As this profile page does not represent an individual, I have reported this to Facebook as a "false profile."

  7. didn't colin have a meeting with the SOT advocates later that day? what happened in that meeting?


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