Tuesday, July 7, 2009

quality control

the skylight theatre's wisconsin arts board grant application, dated april 28, 2009, "seeks partial funding for the salaries of artistic director, company manager, and music director." the application asks what the effect would be on the applying organization should the position be eliminated. here's the skylight's narrative for artistic director:
Responsible for artistic leadership, casting seven productions, and stage direction of four productions in 2009-10. This position has been key to Skylight's success in producing the full spectrum of music theatre for the past fifty years by providing cohesive artistic quality control throughout our opera, musical, cabaret, and educational programming. The loss of this position threatens this quality control, and because the position is scheduled to direct four productions next season, we would likely have to reduce the number of productions.


  1. Konnie KuchenbachJuly 7, 2009 at 10:32 AM

    Tony, when do you sleep? Thanks for these latest enlightening posts.

  2. Of course he doesn't sleep. He's been drinking Carmel mocha-choca-lacca-mani-ano all day long.

    And he's a "venti" man. From what I've heard.

  3. Ah, hah, hah! I love when a person messes up and then goes into spin control, and then you're able to use his own words and/or deeds against him.

  4. For what it's worth, I want to point out that First Stage Children's Theater was also faced with a projected budget deficit for the end of their fiscal year. Their solution was to eliminate one position from their four-member development department, one member of their education/academy staff, and one production from their mainstage season. Of course I can only speculate, but I'm guessing that decimating their artistic staff was never part of the discussion. I suppose the comparison is probably still apples to oranges, their budget size and the size of their productions are similar to Skylight's, so I think it's worth mentioning. The arts community at-large has hardly noticed the changes at First Stage, and their ticket buyers are looking forward to another season that bears the same level of artistic quality that they have come to expect.

    I've heard that "venti" thing about Tony too.

  5. Amy, one FT and one PT Marketing position were combined into one FT as well, and staff are taking furloughs. But everyone is helping out - AND our ENTIRE board just rocks my socks off.



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