Friday, July 24, 2009

libby: "the destruction of the company"

former skylight opera theatre managing director christopher libby has sent this letter to the skylight board of directors tonight:
Dear Board of Directors,

As a former Managing Director of Skylight Opera Theatre I implore you to take dramatic and decisive action to change the path on which you have set yourselves. I have grave concerns that the path which you pursue will lead to the destruction of the company.

I cannot add to the criticism to which you are subject, nor do I presume to know the details of the decisions that have taken the company down this path.

I can only say that the decisions being made and the way in which they are being executed stand in such sharp contrast to the building blocks of Skylight that they threaten to undermine the accomplishments of five decades of dedicated professionals and volunteers.

If there has been any accomplishment of Skylight, it has been because we stood on the shoulders of giants, who built this great company with the talent of artists, the patronage of donors, the curiosity of audiences, and the wisdom of Boards like you.

That all threatens to stand in ruins at your feet when from your better selves you are too long estranged. If you choose this path, know that you choose it alone, away from the support of history, and the blessings of those who now stand aside and still, aghast at the path they see before you.

As an unbidden voice of the past, I add mine to the clarion call to turn back from the path you've chosen, or face a future far graver than the one you sought to avoid.

Christopher Libby
Former Managing Director


  1. So powerful, so eloquent! Thank you, Christopher!

  2. Awesome. Thanks, Christopher.

  3. Wish you could be here tomorrow, Christopher.

  4. I don't think you can put it any plainer than that. That's the god's honest truth too. I guess if the D & H gang cared, they wouldn't be trodding that path at the moment. I genuinely don't think they care if the Skylight succeeds or fails. There's no way they could care, not with what's going on.

  5. well said, christopher!

  6. Melanie SchuesslerJuly 24, 2009 at 8:28 AM

    Bravo! Thank you for adding your voice to the pleas of all those who love the Skylight That Was.

  7. Chris, needless to say, you are missed. Dearly Missed.


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