Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a letter from konrad and john

To Mr. Dillner and the Board of the Skylight:

Attached is a link to a youtube video that we wish you would all watch.

It was brought to my attention by one of your fired employees. He, like Mr. Rogers in this video is a very caring artist, but I'm afraid that the mention of this person's name might turn you off.

As long time subscribers and supporters of the Skylight both John E. Holland, my partner, and I are very disheartened by the direction that the Skylight has taken. John's first Skylight performance was COSI FAN TUTTE in June of 1960, the first opera the Skylight performed. My first performance was the double bill of THE MEDIUM and THE TELEPHONE in November of 1964. We were hooked and attended as many times as the budget allowed and became subscribers in the early 1970s.

Though the years we have grown to know a number of the performers as well as the administrative staff. We were there when seven year old James Valcq made his debut in Berg's WOZZECK. What guts it took for the Skylight to even put this work on.

However, it took a committed group of talented artists and supportive board of directors and donors working together. We no longer see that level of respect and support. Until we see this level of mutual support and respect return, with great regret we can no longer support the Skylight.


Konrad Kuchenbach
John E. Holland


  1. Oh, guys, where is Mr. Rogers when we need him?!

  2. As Mr. Rogers says, "You can stop any time, Eric. You can stop anytime you want."

  3. i love Mr. Rogers. he doesn't have to be here in body to help. can't his spirit be of some encouragement??

  4. How appropriate. Mr. Rogers most ambitious project on his show was an opera. About bubbles, I think.. maybe?


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