Monday, July 20, 2009

kriger quits: skylight "without integrity"

add to the skylight fall-out pam kriger, who has not only contributed to the company financially, but has been a cornerstone of its artistic foundation for over 30 years. for anyone not familiar with the skylight, she is simply another name added to the list. for anyone who has ever worked there, walked through its doors, or sat in its audience, she is the skylight.

with this announcement, there is not a dry eye in the house.
To Eric Dillner, the Board of Directors, the Board of Advocates,

It is with deep regret that I withdraw from directing A Day in Hollywood/ A Night in the Ukraine. You have received many letters from me regarding the decisions of the past month so I won't bore you by reiterating them. I simply cannot work for an administration that operates without honesty and integrity.

I'm also withdrawing from the Board of Advocates as I'm unable to advocate for the Skylight in its present state.

Nothing has made me sadder in my 30 year history with this company that I no longer recognize.

Pam Kriger


  1. Wow. Today is the day of reckoning!

  2. Yet one more heartbreaking message.All the love and artistry melting away....

  3. If only Eric knew. This one really hurts. Has anyone loved the Skylight more deeply than Pam in the last thirty years? It was my pleasure to work with her on so many projects. Unbelievably generous and inventive. Thanks, Pam, for letting me be a part of that work that was the Skylight!

  4. Pam is my friend, my dance teacher,and dance partner, my my mentor. And,
    of course one of the shining beacons of the skylight.Anyone istening?

    t there?

  5. They're listening. Sorry to steal from Strini's story, but I think this should be posted everywhere:

    Godfrey, when asked if Dillner had a plan to replace the missing elements on short notice ("Barber of Seville" is scheduled to open Sept. 18), said: "It's rough, but there are always people ready to pick it up and run with it. I guess the answer is, 'The show must go on.' "

  6. I can not believe the current Skylight administration or Board believes that it can endure the magnitude of today's events. There is such an incredible and blatant lack of respect for that organizations roots and the care and sacrifice that has gone into the creation of the Skylight. There are those like Pam Kriger who have dedicated time, talent and money to the theatre who have held a firm understanding of the value of collaborative insight and the historic organic genesis of what it meant to be Skylight. No one wonders why the Skylight is no longer recognizable. The current administration and board, by their incredible resolve not only disable any future for the organization, they dissolve what was once an amazing and valuable story for us all. I think that if there are others left, who are at all interested in any kind of preservation of the Skylight, they may wish to contribute their still-silent voices. This has been a horrific assault on the value of artists of all kinds, and a real embarrassment to the city of Milwaukee.

  7. Consider this: Pam Kriger is a donor, a subscriber, a board of advocates trustee/director, choreographer, and director of some of the most successful productions in Skylight history. That's before we even get around to talking about her character, charisma and amazing talent.

    If "Pamisha" is walkin' everybody's walkin'. shuffle-ball-step right out the door baby.

  8. Pam - thank you for your brilliance and bravery - and for you honesty and integrity - I know how difficult this was for you -

  9. I hear Sarah Palin is a hell of a director with a cracker jack sense of humor.

  10. Reading that tore my heart out. No other words.

  11. Will the board EVER see? How can they justify this? Like we have all wondered and stated - who is actually left to work there? What's the point??? The best are dropping like flies now... Even community theater has more passion and COMpassion... Who exactly will they get to cross the proverbial picket line? Sorry, not worth it...

  12. I'd quit too, but I don't work there anymore. This musical is desparate for a tap number! Mom? Oh wait...she left. Which one of the new Skylight leadership is in charge of tap numbers?

    Valcq is the VP of tap numbers but he quit too!

    I don't have enough sarcasm in me to cover this one. (well, I do, but I'll save some, as this ain't over yet)

  13. i would so love to quit as well, sarah. alas, i don't work there either. i wish it were possible that, magically, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that represents the Skylight that people are missing right now could just pick up and move elsewhere, thus, relocating the Skylight, and leaving the managing director and board members who side with him sitting alone in that empty building. alond.


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