Monday, July 6, 2009

two ways to spend your hard earned dough

buy me a cup of coffee.
or lunch or dinner for that matter.

click the will blog for coffee graphic located in the dark green middle column, enter the amount you want to donate, and select a payment method. i'll go to starbucks, sit at a table for two with an empty chair, and think of you while i sip a chai latte, or whatever it is you buy me (you are so nice!) i may even have a pretend conversation with you (you are so clever and witty! i'd forgotten!) that is, unless you buy me dinner. which means i'll be sitting at a table in mamma mexico by myself. thinking of you.
shop at the tuesdays amazon store.
how can i share stuff that i like with you, my close friend?

here's how: tuesdays has it's own amazon store. the tuesdays store is chock full of stuff i think you should own. click on this fancy logo (there's one in the far right sidebar too.) categories range from books i've actually read (read 'em and weep) to all the music i forced you to listen to in my parents basement 30 years ago (gay boy record party.) when you buy something, i get a suitcase of money. when you click through to from the tuesdays store and buy stuff, i get a monkey (i've always wanted a monkey.) if you buy enough stuff, amazon sends me the elephant man's bones.

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