Sunday, July 5, 2009

how theisen was let go

a tuesdays reader takes umbrage with how the skylight theatre's executive committee, board president suzanne hefty, and managing director eric dillner treated former artistic director bill theisen while showing him the door:
I was in Human Resources for a number of years in Chicago at a Fortune 500 company. One of my roles was firing people.

We had a gentlemen who embezzled $200,000 from the company and we laid out his options, gave him time to think/respond and treated him with more respect and generosity – as a thief – than [Theisen was] treated with.

I do not understand. I just don't.


  1. does everyone even know the details of how bill's firing happened?

  2. Does anyone know how all the firings happened? Questions should be asked and then maybe a different picture will show itself.

  3. lots of stories about how it happened floating around out there. Still waiting for the full story.

  4. Rememeber other positions were axed. Box Office Mgr , Ass. Box Office Mgr, Company Mgr. If these position can be assorbed by others, who as far as we know have no clue how to do what these fine people did, maybe those were the jobs that should have been looked at since they seemed to have the time availabe to do more. As it was stated in other blogs, that other companies with bigger budget do with smaller Developement Depts. than the Skylight has and some of the Production staff could be seasonal help. What did this special report actaully say?


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