Tuesday, July 21, 2009

fitzwater quits: "in fury and disgust"

skylight staple leslie fitzwater joins the ranks with this tersely worded resignation:
To: Eric Dillner and the Skylight Board

Leslie Fitzwater is withdrawing from the Johnson Bank cabaret entitled, “Mixed Nuts – Lightly Salted”. I am not withdrawing with regret or sadness – I withdraw in fury and disgust. The hostile environment toward artists, staff, patrons and donors created by the current Skylight Administration, has made it impossible for James and me to create a show in which we joyfully reminisce about our years at the Skylight. I will not waste my efforts telling you what the Skylight has meant to me, you do not deserve my eloquence. James and I ask that you immediately remove our names, the title of the cabaret and it’s description from all publicity materials, whether it is printed or on-line.


  1. Edith Piaf has left the building. :(

  2. Leslie was the Freddie Mercury of the Skylight. How horrible to see that go. :(

  3. Some fury and disgust! Good! I'm so glad Leslie had the cojones to say what really needed to be said. This situation IS infuriating and disgusting! Let's take off the gloves, people!

  4. Love you, Leslie. I'm sorry this situation has come to all this. All you artists are wonderful.


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