Saturday, July 11, 2009

dillner's tacit endorsement

the angry "artists only exist because we chose to pay them" email rant, addressed in the body of the email to eric dillner and written by a current board of advocates/past board member, was initially received by a member of the skylight's administrative staff.

the email was then forwarded to the full skylight board with this header:

the first line of the forwarded email:
Dear Skylight Board of Directors:

[Board of Advocates/Past Board Member] attended yesterday’s meeting of the Board of Advocates. They asked that we forward their email message below.


  1. Well then, upon further reflection I stand by my original statement, although at this point it seems pointless to cast further aspersions on current management.

  2. Was this staff member Eric's part time assistant who reads and forwards his e-mails?


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