Saturday, July 18, 2009

dillner: "still so much to do!"

just about the time actors bryce lord and jon stewert were reading form letters signed by skylight board president suzanne hefty, withdrawing their contracts for next season, managing director eric dillner was hitting send on an email to the board and the board of advocates. sounds like he's had a pretty good week (but i can usually tell when someone's fibbing.)
Dear Skylight Board of Directors and Board of Advocates,

Looking back at the week, so much has been accomplished. Still much to do!

A few things of note:
• I have had the pleasure of meeting or talking on the phone with many of our artists for Barber, Plaid, Figaro and Rent. Having the artists’ energy exploding through the building was a great boost for us all! I look forward to chatting with the rest of the artists next week.

• Suzanne, Christine and I visited with The Bradley Foundation folks and have other wonderful supporters of the Skylight lined up to see soon.

• An ad hoc committee of the Board of Directors has begun meeting to manage the timeline and communication with the press.

• We are also working with some community partners to enrich our social media and online presence.

• Our audience development team will finalize decisions with our staff on our Open House to launch the season.
I thank you all for your continued leadership and support.

Have a wonderful weekend.

now, i'm not a skylight board member. but if i were, i'd have a few questions for dillner:
1. how many of next season's artists did you meet with? what are their names, and when can i speak to them?

2. what exactly did the bradley foundation say? are they still supporting the skylight 100%?

3. when is this ad hoc communication committee going to be holding these forums you and suzanne keep promising the community?

4. what the heck does "enrich our online presence" mean? are you going to stop those employees (or...former employees) from saying negative things about the skylight on places like the facebook?
of course, if i were a board member, i would have asked mr. dillner plenty more questions about a year ago.

i'm not a board member.


  1. And what, exactly, does he mean by "have a wonderful weekend?"

  2. which would explain why he seemed desperate to get me in there. instead I called him and asked him to remove my name from their website and other publicity. that didn't make the notes to the board.

  3. also, notice they are talking to the press, not the public. I don't know about you, but I plan on being at that open house!!!!

  4. There is much more to do. I came across one of Eric's to-do lists for the coming week.

    1) Ask Suzanne if she knows any performers who may be available.
    2) Raise more money to fix the roof that has been fixed already.
    3) Hire a second assistant.
    4) Finish reading that PR book.
    5) Transfer a few more dollars from the endowment into the operating budget.
    6) Alienate the remainder of the artistic community in Milwaukee.
    7) Put the finishing touches on “Herman of Seville” the replacement show for next season.

  5. I have had a contract problem with them and I haven't heard from him, and I have a legitimate need to talk to him! Nor will he call my manager. WTF??? P.S. I LOVE the to-do list.

  6. sounds like the band is warming up, to play as this ship sinks.

  7. wait, don't those deck chairs belong over there....

  8. Great to-do list, but I think you forgot re-redecorate the office.

  9. Say it with me folks. D is for Dillner. D is for delusional.

  10. Do you mean the 5 figure office with bamboo floor that Eric had built for himself, instead of using the one that was there. Oh that's right that office did not have a window he needed.


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