Tuesday, July 7, 2009

dillner as the good landlord

acting as broadway theatre center landlord, eric dillner sought the input and advice of btc tenants to help manage the building:
“The Broadway Theatre Center is owned by the Skylight,” says Skylight Managing Director Eric Dillner, who came to the Milwaukee via Shreveport, La., in March. “We prefer that people see us as an artistic organization, but in reality the building facility is a huge part of our life here.”

So improving the Studio Theatre must be balanced with the reality of a $200,000 sidewalk repair, a $300,000 upgrade to the air conditioning, and other building issues.

Recently, the Broadway began hosting monthly “tenant meetings” to talk about building and management issues. And the Center has brought in planners and architects to discuss how to move ahead with updating the building. Still, an open question is whether it will include an expansion of the Studio Theatre.

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  1. Guess who was the chair of the Broadway Theatre Center committee? Diana Alioto. She took over when the other Hispanic left the company.


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