Thursday, July 2, 2009

consulting firm seed of skylight mess?

in early 2009, angela rester, president of rester and associates, a germantown, wisconsin consulting firm, received a grant to do a full staff evaluation at the skylight opera theatre. rester and associates "works with organizations to discover their strengths and opportunities to provide a road map for change and growth."

rester spent nearly a month attending meetings, interviewing staff, and assessing the financial and organizational structure of the skylight. the report allegedly included comments from one staff member claiming there was "a power struggle between dillner and former artistic director bill theisen."

asked about this, theisen said "i never felt like there was any power struggle going on."

several sources say rester's final report and presentation was labeled "a mess," and "not taken terribly seriously" by the only people to have actually seen it, eric dillner and the skylight board of directors.

and yet the proposal to combine the positions of artistic director and managing director apparently may have come directly from rester's report.


  1. WHAT!?! Are you reading this? Are you kidding?

  2. for the record, I was on staff during that time, and was never interviewed. Had I been interviewed, I probably would have said, "Eric who?"

  3. wow awesome. the best way to beat your opponent in a power struggle is to let them think there isn't one. well played mr. dillner, well played...

  4. This needs to be made very public.

  5. consulting firms. it's like the word, "military intelligence". obviously there are some respecting consulting firms out there but i've seen first-hand in CA how the only thing consulting firms do is consult you out of your money (not me personally, but the company here i got laid off from). IS this public knowledge or is this a Tuesdays exclusive?


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