Tuesday, July 7, 2009

colin comes a callin'

from the milwaukee journal/sentinal's tom strini:
Colin Cabot, the former managing director, donor and guiding light of the Skylight Opera Theatre, will come to Milwaukee from his New Hampshire home to try to calm the controversy that has engulfed the company since artistic director Bill Theisen was fired on June 16. Cabot will attend a crucial board meeting set for Wednesday (July 8) afternoon.

Cabot said he hopes to broker some sort of rapproachment among the conflicting sides, so that the company's 50th anniversary season will be a happy one. But he also said that he did not see how the company could proceed without someone in charge of the artistic side and without a company manager.
strini also reports that the skylight board is "divided among those who would oust managing [director] Eric Dillner and president Suzanne Hefty for firing Theisen and those who believe it was an economic necessity."

one might suggest those two points of view are not mutually exclusive.

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  1. If I recall, Colin Cabot fired the staff of the Skylight in the late 80's for no reason other than he wanted a change.


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