Friday, July 24, 2009

catalano and beyond

more great coverage of the friday skylight meeting here, jamie johns' response letter to the new board president here, video from artsy schmartsy here, tom strini's take here, and tuesdays live-blog, including full audio of the meeting here.


  1. I received a response already from Terry. I quote it here in full:

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Best regards,

    Terrance Kurtenbach

  2. Christopher LibbyJuly 24, 2009 at 3:45 PM

    Wow Tony, that's impressive coverage by any measure, and from NYC no less.

    Kudos to all the bloggers, writers, videographers and recorders of today's meeting. I've not had the time (nor the stomach) to listen/watch anything, but the sheer amount of coverage is really impressive.

    No matter where one might stand on these issues, one is certainly well-served by the various social and mainstream media coverage and commentary.

    Thank you to everyone who has been covering this matter for keeping those of us outside the immediate area well informed.

  3. The idea has been bounced around, and came up today again at this meeting in Catalano Square, that there should be an artistic voice on the Board--not a voting member, but someone to speak for the artists. I raised my hand today to respond, but in retrospect should have just spoken up, dammit. The answer is there WAS a voice for the artists to the Board. He was called the Artistic Director. And the board decided that they didn't need that voice. Why should we trust that they want that voice now? Would it be heard even if it were there? THAT'S THE CRUX of the trust issue, folks.

  4. Thank you Richard. You should send that thought to Terry. Do you need his email address?

  5. Wow. As a patron I am completely stunned that the board is blind to the obvious removal of Eric Dillner. What can they possibly be thinking? I would love to know more about the people making that decision.
    The directors, actors, musicians, and other talents involved in the Skylight are not just replaceable. These professionals I/we have admired from the audience have not only been a joy to watch and perform but have also poured their heart and soul into Milwaukee theater and made it what it is because of their passion. Many of us will follow these outstanding professionals around wherever they go so that we can enjoy their work. I do hope that I can see these very talented actors at their home, The Skylight. But, the show will go on, as they say, and if it has to be a different venue, then so be it. Wherever they are performing, I/we will be in the audience for the top notch entertainment!


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