Wednesday, July 22, 2009

careful the things you say

let's clarify a couple of things.

tuesdays is by no means encouraging actors, singers, designers or directors to give up much needed work, and i think tuesdays readers should be very, very careful about naming names of people who might make a decision, one way or the other. being without health insurance because you haven't worked enough weeks as an equity actor, or because you didn't get that paycheck to help pay a premium, is not an option.

not being able to pay the rent is not an option either.

i will publish legitimate skylight letters of withdrawal if they are sent to me with a request to publish. i will add names to either the artist list or the donor list, if contacted directly by the individual.

i will not, however, add somone's name to a list, or publish a letter without that direct contact and permission. feel free to email tips and information to, but please be careful about sharing sensitive information in the comment sections.

similarly, i have done my best to be extremely careful and straightforward with any information posted on this blog, before the skylight crisis erupted, and after. rumors and innuendo can usually be disproven by going to the source. if there is information available from a trusted news source that i feel is worth sharing and commenting on, i do so. but i'm not in the habit of spreading gossip.

all that said, i couldn't be more proud and honored with the response tuesdays has gotten in the last several weeks, and with the comments and commenters. there have been some great back-and-forths in the comments sections, and if you haven't been "down there"...check it out.

my great hope, once a light is shining again – whether through a skylight or from a streetlight – is that you'll keep coming back to tuesdays to read about sarah palin.

or the thymus gland.

or next season's american idol. (i miss you blindy...)