Thursday, July 9, 2009

the board continues to support eric dillner

a press release from the the skylight opera theatre board of directors:
From the Board of Directors of the Skylight Opera Theatre

The Board of Directors greatly appreciates the recent public and donor messages of concern and support for The Skylight’s artistic product. We have read, heard, and discussed them all, and thank everyone who has expressed support for The Skylight.

At a full meeting of the Board of Directors last night, it was resolved to establish communications with Bill Theisen regarding the role of Artistic Director at The Skylight. The Board sincerely hopes Bill will agree to return to The Skylight as its Artistic Director for the company’s 50th Anniversary Season. We continue to respect Bill’s artistic ability and his value to The Skylight and to the Milwaukee arts community.

The Board remains committed to strengthening The Skylight’s financial position so that it can continue to serve as a creative force in the Milwaukee community -- and as an employer able to showcase a variety of artists for years to come. Our old organizational structure is not fiscally sustainable in these economic times. The Board’s strategic plan emphasizes establishing an overall structure including artistic adminstration that will work for The Skylight now and can be adapted when finances improve.

The Board would like to accept and embrace the many offers it has received for benefit performances, assistance in fundraising, and donations. Anyone interested in helping The Skylight can e-mail the board at

The board continues to support Eric Dillner and the entire staff of The Skylight who have filled in and carried on during this time. They deserve the respect and appreciation of all.

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  1. Tony -

    Thanks for keeping such a moment by moment update on the Skylight's "situation." I really appreciate that. But I'm done. The Skylight is no longer the place I remember.

    This is simply more song and dance from the Board as far as I can see. Too bad they wasted Colin's time. I really thought that if anyone could turn this around, he could.

    Isn't it interesting that even OLD, EX employees of the Skylight are this attached to how this organization progresses?

    I recall, without remorse, the days of working from 9am until 1am the next morning in order to bring in some earned income for the Skylight. Now it seems that assistants have assistants, and Artistic Directors with vision are discarded.

    The history has been lost (check out the Skylight's website: even the link to "The Thirty Years' War" is defunct), the work ethic (in many cases) has been lost, and the flavor of this institution is history.

    Although it makes me sad as someone who loved and learned much from my experience at the Skylight, I suppose it's not surprising.



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