Friday, July 31, 2009

the blogs and the rumors

performink wades into the choppy skylight opera waters, takes a stab at a complete wrap-up of the entire situation (difficult at this point) and includes what basically amounts to an interview with the skylight's marketing director kristin godfrey.

here's godfrey on the number of skylight season subscribers looking for refunds:
“I process about two refunds a day. They feel that they’re not getting the season they paid for. They are a little gun-shy. They read the blogs and the rumors. I don’t want to make anyone unhappy. I hope we can welcome them back. I wouldn’t say we have an outpouring of support at the box office. But when I speak to people in the community in what I would think of as our demographic, they don’t understand why people are reacting so angrily.”
it's unlikely godfrey was suggesting this, but just to be clear – there's a difference between blogs and rumors. this blog has not been one to propagate rumors. facts, and comment on facts.

and two refunds a day since june 16 would equal 90 refunds for season subscriptions, while only going back to the firing of bryce lord and jon stewart would put the number at 30.

can we safely assume the actual number is somewhere in between?


  1. People are refunding because we have no freaking clue who is in the shows. Maybe they need to post the cast list on the website!

    I mean Eric said he had a cast in place for every show. so what is taking them so long?

  2. And think about all the season tickets that were not bought or renewed. We didn't renew our 3 and I'm SURE there are others out there who did not buy season tickets or renew season tickets because of this bungled mess.


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