Monday, June 8, 2009

why i quit show business #4

because alice ripley is really, really mad at me.
(and that's pretty much all i have to say about the 2008-2009 tony awards.)


  1. HAHA... I was glad she won... I loved her in the show... but her speech was CRAZYx4! She needed a few of those little blue pills she pops in the show. She was at a 12 and I needed her at a 4. Congrats and all but yeesh.

  2. i turned to my friends and said, "she's pretty but i couldn't handle it. i'd have to beat her to get her to shut up". but i liked the musical she was in - would love to do it.

    (she appeared in Michael John LaChiusa's "Little Fish" with the Blank Theatre Company in Los Angeles, California. LaChiusa has a short musical in City Theatre's Summer Shorts in Miami - where i was just at - called, "Betty the Clam Girl". it sucked.)

  3. Little Fish? I think Greg Jbara was in that too. Worlds getting smaller.

    Soooooo glad he was recognized finally ... man with a heart of GOLD!!!

    YAY, Greg!


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