Monday, June 29, 2009

strini as theisen: "so long, suckers."

another scathing opinion piece from the journal/sentinal's tom strini on the skylight mess. while strini admits he still believes the best solution to the entire scandal is for the board to reverse it's decision, rid itself of managing director eric dillner, and reinstate fired artistic director bill theisen, he also suggests that the skylight could be saved only if theisen calms everyone down, and comes back to direct the five shows he was scheduled to direct next season:
I predict he won't last a year, unless one thing happens: Theisen returns not only as a free-lance director next season, but as a calming influence. If he were to call off the artists' attacks on the board and on the managing director, encourage miffed subscribers and donors to return and serve as the public face of the company in its golden anniversary season, he just might pull Dillner's fat out of the fire.
the problem with this plan is that while the community wants theisen to do what's best for theisen, his agreeing to return does nothing to remedy the fact that the organization would still be without a separate artistic director.

what would strini do?
If I were me, I would probably say, "So long, suckers."

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  1. Strini did Dillner and gang a big favor today, putting the full weight of his considerable opinion behind the idea of Bill Theisen returning to "save the day".

    Read carefully and you'll see Strini setting Bill Theisen up as an "honorable man" and coupling it with some good old fashioned "and all this could be yours" salesmanship.

    Why Bill Theisen should not return to Skylight:

    It would validate their decision to fire you.

    It makes everyone who protest the firings a fool.

    It would show you can fire your entire artistic staff and still run a viable artistic company.

    It would show everyone that you can outsource artistic vision.

    It would give aid an comfort to those who have terminated the legacy of Clair Richardson.

    The idea that you can treat someone this badly then expect them to save you is patently offensive.

    It's like asking your loyal spouse to raise the kids you spawned out of wedlock.

    It's punching your wife then demanding she make dinner.

    It's committing mutiny then wailing that nobody knows how to read the maps or steer the ship.

    It's trading your best player then wondering why the team is no good anymore.

    The Skylight you know and love was terminated the same way Bill Theisen was and no longer exists. Only when the perpetrators of this injustice have been fired or resign should anyone who truly cares about that once great company return to work there.


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