Monday, June 29, 2009

skylight's rovian tactics?

from tom strini's op-ed today (my emphasis):
The social media, letter writing and e-mail campaigns to reverse that decision [firing of artistic director Bill Theisen on June 16] have maintained momentum.

Board president Suzanne Hefty and managing director Eric Dillner inadvertently contributed to it, first with their silence and second with their inability to explain the action in any sensible way. I met them and past president Howard Miller for 90 minutes last week. A signal of their cluelessness in this matter: They actually uttered the phrase "stay the course." More than once.
from twitter:

(hat tip christine o'meally)


  1. Everytime I see this it gives me shivers. And I'm not talking the good ones, like the pee shivers. I'm talking bad, bad shivers. Brrrrrrrr. Bad.

  2. Ahhhhh .... but you see, what the world doesn't know is that Mr. Rove is abundantly interested in and involved with the arts world. An extraordinarily well kept secret.

    So secret, in fact, that Mr. Rove himself is unaware of it.

  3. I was just looking at who they followed to see if there was anyone I would want to follow. When I saw that, my blood just ran cold for a second. And it explained so much.


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