Sunday, June 14, 2009

the revolution will be televised twittered

this is why i twitter. there was a major news story happening all day today, but you would never have known from watching cnn, msnbc, or fox news. in fact, the most current, up-to-the-minute information could be found via twitter.

while cnn was airing a pair of waterskiing squirrels, and larry king's in depth interview with the crew from american chopper, an election in iran was more than likely stolen, there were massive riots in the streets, reports of 50-100 dead, major clashes with police, and the opposition candidates were placed under house arrest.

and some of the best coverage of the day came not from the mainstream media, but from blogger andrew sullivan.

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  1. You should also check out my Iranian-American friend Kombiz's Twitter. @kombiz


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