Monday, June 1, 2009

kansas, o'reilly & tiller the killer

a patient of dr. george tiller recounts, in heartbreaking detail, the situation that led her to a late-term abortion:
The baby had spina bifida. There was definitely an opening from L1-L3 but they couldn't tell anymore than that. Then they proceeded to the baby's heart and showed us the echogenic foci that could be indicative of Down syndrome. The baby's lesion was larger than they had originally thought, it now appeared to be from L1-L5. The most horrible part was that the baby had developed ventriculomegaly: fluid on the brain. At this point, it had yet to affect the size of the baby's head. I laid on the table crying and knowing in my heart at that point my son was not going to make it.
agree with her or not, this woman's entire account helps one realize that these decisions are not made willy-nilly, but are highly personal, agonizing choices made between a woman and her doctor.

knowing this woman's kansas story also gives frightening perspective to this:

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