Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new york: i do, do i?

ny1 – new york's 24 hour news channel – says it's not looking good for marriage equality in new york. an informal poll of state senators suggests the bill is 12 votes short of passage, with seven democrats and eight republicans still either undecided or declining to say how they would vote.

but sen. thomas duane (democrat-manhattan) told the new york daily news he's received assurances of support from more than the 32 senators needed to approve the bill.

gay marriage opponents, however, are suggesting duane is overstating the vote tally to force the matter on to the floor. senate majority leader malcolm smith (democrat-queens) is a gay marriage supporter, but has vowed not to allow a vote on the bill until there is enough support for it to pass.
what are you doing right now?
make a quick phone call.

if you live in new york, click here for help contacting your state senator. if you live in milwaukee, or grand rapids, or cedar city, think: who do you know in new york? how many friends do you have in syracuse? don't you have relatives in buffalo? or albany? call them, and ask them to call their state senator in support of marriage equality. it's these calls, these personal stories, that make a difference.

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