Thursday, June 18, 2009

my skylight board

i realize tuesdays has taken on an all-skylight-all-the-time tone lately. my apologies. the skylight has been like my home, and i love it dearly. the same goes for bill and diana.

so one last thing tonight.

i was just visiting the skylight's website, perusing the names of the board of directors, the past presidents, the board of advocates, and the board of the skylighters. while there are quite a few new names i am unfamiliar with, i know many of these folks.

i found myself immediately recalling a shared laugh or conversation. a dinner, or a dance at an annual fundraiser. these folks – the ones i know – love the skylight in much the way i do, i believe.

i'd be hard pressed to guess which of them were gung-ho about this restructuring decision. i'm curious how many were actually on board, or were fully aware it was even happening.

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