Thursday, June 18, 2009

no more jamie

skylight resident music director jamie johns, an extremely vocal critic of the companies restructuring decision, has been "fired for insubordination and attacks on the skylight opera theatre."

"I really only wanted to attack [Eric] Dillner and the Executive Committee. I hope I didn't hurt anyone else. I maintain that this is a mess/mistake that the board made, and Dillner is a huge mistake for the company," johns said.

johns had been a large part of the campaign to reinstate bill theisen as the companies artistic director. that campaign now includes a facebook group, bring back bill theisen to skylight, a protest in front of the broadway theatre center to take place this friday morning from 7:30 to 10:00 a.m, and an online petition to be sent to the full skylight board of directors.

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  1. wow! the shit is flying at the Skylight, tony! major story. and YOU are on top of it, nice work. i AM sorry for your woes regarding this mess. now the musical director is gone??? as i alluded to in my blog posting to the guy from the Journal, give it one more week and at the rate the Skylight's going, there may be no Skylight period. ridiculous. and abomination!


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