Thursday, June 18, 2009

gunning for theisen?

the skylight's former company manager diana alioto – who's position was eliminated this week – speaks out. alioto thinks the writing was on the wall, early on, and that someone was gunning for the artistic director's job long ago.
On Monday afternoon, I was told that the executive committee didn't think my job was necessary.

I was told that I could possibly save my position if I just trained [Managing Director] Eric [Dillner] in how to do my job, so that he could prove to the committee how important my position was. Yeah, I know...does it sound shifty to you?

Then I was told that he especially wanted to keep me there, because Bill had been let go. I was shocked. I don't think I reacted the way that was expected, so I was officially let go on Tuesday.

Thirty minutes before my 4:30 p.m. firing, I was told by a staff member in Eric's camp that I probably should have made it more apparent to Eric that I was happy about Bill's having been let go, and that this may open up new opportunities for me. I was advised that if I made it very clear that I was glad Bill was gone, I may be able to keep my job.

I'm thinking they were gunning for Bill, and when I didn't go along, I was gone too.

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