Tuesday, June 23, 2009

dillner finally speaks

skylight managing director eric dillner has finally spoken out about the restructuring and firings at the skylight theater – not with local media, where it might receive greater notice in the community – but with stage directions, a national theatre magazine.

dillner, who along with the skylight's executive committe seemingly fired artistic director william theisen and four others in the dark of night, announcing it to the community (and the rest of the skylight board, for that matter) through an email, says these drastic steps were only taken to save the company from closing it's doors like so many others had around the country and he was shocked by the "personal" attacks from some in the community:
The board and I work diligently every day to find ways of giving artists opportunities to perform in the best manner,” said Dillner. “I think [the personal attacks were] the most shocking part of this. Because I was so intent on finding a way to continue an arts organization and not fold like so many others have.”
opera is rather melodramatic at times, isn't it?


  1. if dillner was so "diligent" about finding ways to not fold the theater doors, why does he fire half the people that you need to run a theater effective AND why did he go through seemingly clandestine maneuvers to NOT inform everyone of his intentions?

    refresh my memory tony - the artistic dir., company dir., music dir. and who else got fired?

  2. He seems not to get it. Nobody has questioned the financial straits the company might find itself in. The issue is the solution and the way in which it was applied.

  3. I guess I have more questions: what is Dillner's salary? With this restructuring, did he get a bump in pay? At any time did he offer to take a pay cut himself as part of a solution "to continue an arts organization and not fold like so many others have?"

  4. jeff.

    artistic director, company manager, box office manager, box office assistant manager, and custodian.

  5. Right. I understand all the positions that were lost, but I still want to know what he is being paid.

  6. Not only what is he paid, but is he giving his full attention to the Skylight or doing side gigs.


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