Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the damage is done

sage rock, a digital marketing blog, does some simple googling and suggests that the damage already done to the skylight opera theatre goes well beyond what anyone might imagine:
Theater fans in Milwaukee will be searching in Google for “Skylight,” “Skylight Theater,” and “Skylight Opera” all year long to acquire tickets, become members and patrons and read reviews.

I know what you’re thinking — “Skylight?” — that phrase alone does not represent people looking for the theater. True. 90% of those people are looking for ceiling windows. But guess what the top 4 listings are for that phrase in Google right now?

Phrase: Skylight

#1 Toil and Trouble at Skylight Opera
#2 Staff Cuts Bring Protest
#3 Staff Cuts Bring Protest
#4 Milwaukee’s Skylight Opera Eliminates Artistic Director Job
not long ago, the skylight opera theatre underwent a rather extensive (and one might assume expensive) process of rebranding itself simply the skylight. they've since changed their name back to skylight opera theatre.

in one fell swoop, eric dillner and the skylight executive committee have done more to effect the skylight's image than any rebranding ever could ever have. and the full skylight board, over a week after the sudden and unannounced restructuring, has yet to offer any public statement whatsoever.

as sage rock suggests, "sleep well, skylight board of directors. by next week it will have all blown over." or not.

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  1. Thanks for pointing this out. I had the same problem trying to find West's videos on Youtube. He has used the tag The Skylight, it is not specific enough. Very bad marketing move.


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