Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a crazy little shack beyond the tracks

back in the late 70's, the mere mention of a place called the sugar shack could send the women in my family into hysterical giggle-fits of embarrassed laughter. no one ever talked about what it was, exactly, but i knew. i was a regular viewer of both phil donahue and tom snyder's tomorrow program and both had features on the little club in lake geneva, wisconsin (what!?) that featured nude male dancers (what-what!?)

(elliot lazanna, glenn walker, & turk johnson – former headliners at the sugar shack.)

planning a trip to the shack was a big deal for my sister, or my mom – something usually reserved for a bachelorette party or a surprise birthday. i remember overhearing snippets of secret conversations – who would go along, who might be offended. no one had any clue how badly i wanted to be invited.

i never did get to go, of course. but hey, i'm back in wisconsin, and here for another couple of weeks. and the place is still open. anyone?


  1. ahhhhhhhh! tony! my mother went there a couple times! too funny.

  2. One of the male dancers there was engaged to one of the female dancers (who had gone to St. Mary's Academy with a friend of mine and who I actually replaced in a wedding party because of parental disapproval at her inclusion) and they used to come into Denny's in West Allis when I worked 3rd shift. They were very nice and tipped well but they also left matchbook covers with their pictures on them. Nude. It was always interesting to clear the table after they left.

  3. Video of the day: Kenny Loggins, Tony Clements...separated at birth?


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