Friday, June 26, 2009

calling them out: the skylight board

foster, hein, stollenwerk and flynn

commenter mnemosyne has taken to calling out individual members of the skylight opera theatre's board of directors one by one, taking them to task for the mess at the company. this anonymous reader's sharp, direct comments are not to be missed by anyone following this saga.

the original comments are here: a skylight call to arms, and will remain there until further notice. i'll let you know on the main blog when new board members are added. so far mnemosyne has hit byron foster, john hein, john stollenwerk and matt flynn.

the guessing game as to mnemosyne's identity is fascinating, but far less important than what this person has to say.

(by the way, you are aware of the sharethis icon at the bottom of tuesdays' posts, right? you can easily email a skylight call to arms, along with mnemosyne's continuing comments, to each board member as they come along.)

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