Sunday, June 21, 2009

the $39 father's day gap

from this morning's washington post:
Research and market surveys show that moms tend to be showered with gifts and attention on Mother's Day. Dads, not so much. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend an average of $130 on Mother's Day. This year, they will spend an average of $90.89 for Dad today.
so moms get more loot. seems okay to me, they're prettier. (usually.) but i have to admit, i read this and thought, "90 bucks!? wow, am i a cheap-skate!"

my dad got a greeting card with dick vitale telling him he was a "dipsy doodle dunk-a-roo," dinner at a cheap local diner, and a quick discussion of socialized medicine. (check this morning's new york times, paw.)

what'd ya give your dad?


  1. Planted some flowers in memory of my dad today and took a long walk thinking about him. I'm sure he was probably happy with both. came in way under $90

  2. Tony,
    What a great looking father and son! He's even handsomer than you.

    Thankyou for the Music Man video...I get it for today,((cheep, cheep, CHEAP) but without knowing you sent me a number from my father's favorite show..still have his original cast album...thanks for making my father's day.


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