Tuesday, May 26, 2009

time to celebrate!

apparently, it's been a blockbuster day for gay civil rights.

from the daily dish:
The decision leaves intact the holding of the Marriage Cases that gays have the fundamental "right to marry" under the California constitution, now and in the future; but unless and until the California constitution is again amended to the contrary, such unions cannot be called marriage.
and from john culhan:
The deprivation of rights isn’t that big a deal, really, because all that’s been removed by Prop 8 is the word “marriage” rather than the rights that go with it.
so: seperate but equal. a civil union is not a marriage. i fail to see anything to celebrate about. however, this perspective does make the decision slightly less overwhelming considering it's about the word.

(hat tip andrew sullivan)


  1. No. Don't fool yourself, this is loser talk. You're a Wisconsinite, WWVLS (what would Vince Lombardi say)?

    "Success demands singleness of purpose."

    If you coddle yourself into a sense of "Well, it's just about a word" or satisfy yourself with "the deprivation of rights isn't that big a deal, really" then get in line for the FAIL TRAIN.

    However, St. Vince also said, "It is essential to understand that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men." And on that front, great strides have been made.

  2. i'm with ya christopher!

    while i don't think it's a bad idea to examine this decision, which is perhaps much more forward thinking (forward, as in future litigation or u.s. supreme court) than anyone is aware (and by anyone, i mean the thousands of people who marched today in protest and those on the right who are celebrating) it is ultimately about that word.

    but you're right, not JUST a word. a word that provides equality, and that rob and i deserve just as much as my mom and dad did.


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