Sunday, May 24, 2009

tasteless politico

nearly as tasteless as the pussy galore rnc video that went up saturday showing speaker-of-the-house nancy pelosi in the sights of a gun (ala james bond opening credits) and juxtaposing her name with the image of bond villianess pussy galore, is the right-leaning website politico's seeming fascination with the story, featuring it as headline news yesterday and still including it on it's main page today.

the politico story discusses the steady stream of right-wing attacks on the speaker based solely on her gender – certainly a topic worthy of discussion. but politico appears to be nearly as proud of their tasteless headline as they are of the story itself, making them as pathetic as the culprits they are reporting on.

here's politico's headline for the story, comparing pelosi to pussy:


  1. Here's a headine for you: "RNC Discovers Pussy, Decides It's Scary"

  2. I was deeply bothered by the RNC's video, but I don't have a problem with Politico's story or with the headline. And I don't blame them for leaving the headline up there for more than a day. There isn't much political news on the weekends, and I'm sure that headline was generating a lot of click-throughs. Also don't really think that Politico is right-leaning. I think they usually do a good job with objectivity, despite what the netroots' theories conclude.

  3. i think the story itself (written by a woman) deserves attention. i just thought the headline was college frat-boy humor.

    and while it's certainly no drudge, when it comes to politico's slant, i'm closer to agreeing with the netroots.

  4. There's definitely a method to the madness with Politico's (sometimes ridiculous) headlines. Here's a great TNR piece on Politico from back in March that talks about the headlines and how effective Politico is at driving the narrative: ... Well, I was going to copy the URL, but apparently I can't. (Has something been disabled on the permissions?) Maybe my computer is crazy. Anyway, the story is called "The Scoop Factory." It's really good.


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