Sunday, May 24, 2009

susan boyle does it again

uh, sort of.

the 48-year-old scottish woman who became an internet sensation when video of her singing "i dreamed a dream" on "britain's got talent" received some 60 millions hits has been put through to the semi-finals of the british television show.

but the performance that put her over the top pales in comparison to her first, partly because the surprise is over, partly because she struggles a bit with a few notes, and mostly because she's lit as though she's a haloed creature arriving from the heavens to deliver the good news.


  1. She started weak, but she got better. I wish her luck.

    I sang "Memory" for my first Skylight audition. It was before it became the overdone-don't-do-it song and I still have fond memories of it - despite the girl who sang it for me at solo-ensemble dressed as a cat...

  2. She's just amazing! Takes me back to my first audition singing "Master of the House" WITH a really terrible accent. Still, I got into "La Cage Aux Folles" with it, but was told, "Honey, don't mimic... just sing." Best advice ever. LOL!

  3. Definitely wish she hadn't done such an overdone song. Weird that Simon fell all over himself to apologize to her for the time before.

  4. I still insist that she's not quite all she's cracked up to be, mainly based on attitude. It would be wonderful if she was as humble as her performance was. Clearly nervous, which showed in a few ill-placed notes, but effectively lying when asked so, and not just lying, but either completely unaware of the two clunkers in an otherwise pretty good performance of a pretty forgettable song (ironically called memory.)

    Paul Potts has it on her in spades, because he's got the goods and the humility to know what a lucky break he got.

    Watch the expressions of the audience AND the judges ... they are truly (and IMHO understandably) blown away.


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