Sunday, May 3, 2009

the republican revival is assured

because of strong republican ideas? because of bold republican leadership? because of wide support from the american people? nope, nope, and nope.

george will, this morning on this week:
"Mr. Obama, by the clarity of his program and the energy of his program, is going to help the Republicans redefine themselves. They are going to be in opposition to this, they are going to be again a party of more limited government, and if Mr. Obama's program works he wins. If not, the Republican revival is assured."
in other words, republicans must pray for failure. this is a just a fancier, george willier echo of what rush limbaugh said: i want obama to fail.

mr. will's sentiment contains no new ideas, no reasonable input for an alternate way forward outside of "more limited government." and until the hypocrisy of the republican party of the last eight plus years suddenly becoming the party of more limited government passes from the public consciousness, it is difficult to take that notion seriously.

of course, the same george will said, on the same program:
"The most beautiful five words in the English language are the first five words of the first amendment: 'Congress shall make no law.' Period."
mr. will undoubtedly feels this way because he has never heard anyone say these five words: "come back to bed george." and for a guy who is a little too prissy-proud of wearing his federalist society james madison tie on television this morning, that's no great surprise.

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