Saturday, May 16, 2009

quote of the day

"As you step out into that big, open world, and you start building your lives, the truth is that you will face tough times, you will certainly have doubts... you will definitely have your share of setbacks. Count on it.... there may be moments when you just want to quit.

But in those moments, those inevitable moments, I urge you to think about this day. Look around you. Look around you. There are thousands and thousands of hardworking people who have helped you get to this point, people who are celebrating with you today, who are praying for you every single day...

Whenever you get ready to give up, think about all of these people and remember that you are blessed. Remember that you are blessed. Remember that in exchange for those blessings, you must give something back. You must reach back and pull someone up. You must bend down and let someone else stand on your shoulders so that they can see a brighter future."

michelle obama
in her commencement speech at
the university of california, merced

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