Thursday, May 7, 2009

the oft repeated phrase

if you pay any attention to politics, read this list carefully. print it and tape it to your television. you're likely to hear these exact words and phrases pass republican lips over and over again in the course of the debate about health care reform in this country.

why? republican pollster frank luntz has given the team a playbook, and a script. look for these buzzwords to be shouted from the rooftops -
  • health care rationing
  • democrats want politicians in charge of health care
  • waiting in line for treatment
  • your children, your children, your children
  • targeted reform with measurable results (good)
  • politicized, special interest-driven radical restructuring (bad)
luntz's biggest warning for republicans? don't talk about obama. if the argument is republicans vs. obama, republicans lose.

(hat tip roadkill refugee)

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  1. Excellent post. Of course, if it is a Republican speaking; I'm sorry, they've screwed things up for eight years; I don't listen any more. Cheney is right, Colin Powell is WAY TOO reasonable to be a Republican. (Oh, and I did register as Republican a few years ago. Got over that!)


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