Friday, May 1, 2009

miss california does not have
the answers to everything, okay?

"i'm not a politician so i can't give you an answer to that."
the question, this time from greta van susteren, was "what are your thoughts on [gay] civil unions and adoption?"

carrie prejean, vying to be her generation's anita bryant, is still figuring out how she feels about the homosexuals, and we should give her some time to think. really. at 22, she hasn't had much time to consider these things.

homosexuals do deserve some rights, she says. especially "our homosexuals" in california. what kinda rights? oh you know, hospital rights and things like that.

but she would like to be more educated on that.


  1. since when has the opinion of the loser of a beauty contest meant anything to anybody? Seriously? Does her opinion on anything count for anything? I'm not the least bit sorry to be elitist and say her opinion counts for NOTHING, and anybody who does give a shit, is a dumbshit.

  2. since about 1977.

    two words: anita bryant. miss oklahoma, 1958. second runner-up to the miss america crown in 1959.

    bryant's organization, save the children, was responsible for the overturning of laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation in minnesota, kansas, and oregon, and of course, florida.

    did you see milk? (did you live through the 70's?)

  3. this is not to say i don't heartily agree with your sentiment.

  4. She is a looser and I hope she brings this shit to Des Moines....we will treat her to a nice desert, just like we did Anita when that wench decided to make an appearence here!


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