Saturday, May 30, 2009

maggie's scare tactics

overlooking the specious, misleading soundbites found in this national organization for marriage ad currently running in new york (those san francisco first graders who were forced to watch their giant, hairy lezbo teacher have mouth-sex with her butch, fonzie-impersonator girlfriend after gaywad gavin newsom pronounced them "spouses for life" all had permission slips from their homo parents, okay?) notice which minority group appears most often throughout, i.e. who do you think maggie gallagher is trying hardest to scare the bejebbus out of?

was nom thinking of all those darn black people who voted against prop 8 when they hired al freeman, jr. to do this scary voice-over? and why are there more black people to be found in these 30 seconds than in four days of republican national convention?

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