Tuesday, May 26, 2009

how do you solve a problem like...

...sonia? huckabee speaks up early, and makes an idiot of himself.


  1. as the guy who just misspelled Othello on the company website, I'm willing to cut Mike a little slack here.

    As far as his opposition. Do you really think it matters who Obama nominated. Whoever it was, was going to be described as a far left wing nutjob by Mike and the gang.

    That's the way it works. We pillory your guys, you pillory ours.

  2. eh, i dunno. personally, i'd be a little more forgiving of a misspelling on a website, but i'm sure there were plenty of folks reading your othello flub thinking, "idiot."

    and...ahem, do i think it mattered who obama nominated? yeah. i do. call me crazy.

    and i'm willing to say this pick – a woman and a hispanic – is not only a good choice, but incredibly politically savvy. obama won the hispanic vote by 2-1 in the last election. think republicans contesting, no attacking this choice is gonna help them "expand their tent" in any way?

    i think the sotomayor reaction on the right, no matter how predictable, is not only worth watching...it's fun!


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