Friday, May 29, 2009

the gays can make arrangements

this is exactly the kind of bullshit that the far-right, fundamentalist, and anti-marriage equality folks love. liz cheney, who's sister is a lesbian, begins this interview by saying "look, my family and i have been very clear on this," referring to her position on same-sex marriage. but before the interview ends, even though she is pressed, cheney cannot bring herself to say that yes, yes she supports full and equal rights for gay and lesbian people in this country. instead, she attempts to shift the discussion to opposing obama's supreme court pick sonia sotomayor.

eventually, she offers this: "partners ought to be able to make arrangements." she then ends the discussion with a suggestion that she is against discrimination based on sexual preference, considered by many to be coded language normally reserved for christian fundamentalist websites.

i don't want an arrangement, liz. unless it involves you, a board on an incline, some straps, and a pitcher or two of water. then we'll see how you feel about your sister's civil rights.

these people are despicable.

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