Wednesday, May 13, 2009

f-fwd idol: three's company wrap-up!

ben stiller. yeah, never quite got that.

had a long discussion with a good friend today (who stalked followed glamberace for the last two years) about how pre-determined the outcome to the show is. "nobody's backstory was followed as closely, right from the beginning, as adam's and danny's," he claims. "and adam was very, very quick to play down the theater thing, the 'wicked' thing, because he knew that could be the kiss of death. paula mentioned it early on, he quietly acknowledged it and moved on quickly."

last night was encouraging voting for gokesburg because they think the producers don't want to sign him to a recording contract (which the winner gets) but they do want to sign glamby. vftw is pushing gokey for the win because it will ultimately free up adam, while forcing the producers to sign danny. thoughts?

1 million votes separating the top two. just like coleman/franken. wow. this ford video is as lame as that ben stiller opening.

do i really need to hear from alicia keys? she is a damn pretty woman though, and quite poised. (i went from straight to gay in one sentence there.) ohmy – this little guy, noah. that dancing looks kinda awkward and desperate. plus he's a little pitchy. (text "alive" to 90999 and reply "yes" to donate $5 to keep a child alive.)

oh, we get to see milwaukee. where are laverne and shirley? where's the beer? where's jeffery dahmer? (this is all i ever hear about milwaukee. that and, "oh, milwaukee! fargo, right?" idiots.) gee. milwaukee looks great, doesn't it? strip malls and a generic hotel room. "he's cute, he's got good glasses, and he lives in milwaukee," says the 8 year old. not any more, jessica. not any more.

except for a brief shot of milwaukee's beautiful art museum, that could have been peoria.

gokewad is first up – does that mean he's safe? no. we have to slog through conway, arkansas and san diego yet. free cheeze dip for life, this is what kris gets from his hometown. okay, did you hear that "we are goin' home to arkansas"? again i ask: how many s's in arkansas? kris's dad says "i ain't kissin' ya man," and then he pulls him in, latches on and gives him a hickey. oh look! – for the parade, kris has a beard! (she's pretty, too.) why didn't we see this much of danny gokey's family? (no cameras in church?)

jordan sparks. battlefield. you better go and getchirama. getchirama. what's getchirama? meh. pat benatar said it better, right tommy?

btw, glee is getting good notices. i think we may have to watch.

will adam take us to some of his favorite hometown "haunts?" hmm. when the show's over, don't you think adam's just gonna say "oh shut up you all, of course i'm gay!"

okay, adam takes us back to a theater program for kids where he "got his start." that was pretty special. and he goes back to his high school? (are these locations all chosen for him, do we think, or did he have some say in it?)

88 million votes. that's a lot of hitting redial. forward thinking katy perry writes a song for the vegas tourism board, brilliantly rhyming "mouth is" and "veg-as." i could have written that song. in fact i did. last night. in my sleep. and i taught it to katy perry today in my spare time. over the phone. on skype. until my skype account ran out and then i twittered her the rest.


kris goes to the finals. wow. what is going through these guys heads now?

danny goes home. i have to say i'm kinda sad. my milwaukee boy is going home. and his life will probably never be the same.

"you are so beautiful" was really, really lovely. he sang that so beautifully. way to go homeboy.

so, does this mean adam wins?

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  1. Nobody's story was pushed more than Danny's -- the dead wife, the best friend from tryouts, the churchy family. I don't even remember Adam from the tryouts.


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