Thursday, May 21, 2009

defending the speaker

as newt gingrich flounces from fox news show to fox news show and continues his call for nancy pelosi's head, one by one, democrats – albeit slowly – have stepped up to the plate to defend her: former senator bob graham, majority leader steny hoyer, wisconsin's david obey, california's dianne feinstein.

now, a brand new democrat has spoken up in defense of the speaker:
"The CIA has a very bad record when it comes to — I was about to say 'candid'; that's too mild — to honesty.

Director [Leon] Panetta says the agency does not make it a habit to misinform Congress. I believe that is true. It is not the policy of the Central Intelligence Agency to misinform Congress.

But that doesn't mean that they're all giving out the information."
that's from your new democratic senator from the great state of pennsylvania, the honorable arlen spector.

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