Monday, May 4, 2009

chapter one: he adored new york city.

anyone who knows me is well aware that, like many other non-native new yorkers, i experienced my share of growing pains upon first moving to the city three-or-so years ago.

"it takes a while," people would tell me, "give it five years."

"at least," someone would invariably add.

not particularly encouraging words to hear when you suddenly find yourself at a point in life when five years feels like an incredibly precious amount of time. (in my 20's, five years would have seemed like nothing. now, my i even have five years?)

yesterday, after dinner on manhattan's lower east side, my partner rob and i decided to walk home to the upper west side. we headed north along 1st avenue, and by the time we reached 90th and crossed over to central park, to the reservoir, it was mid-evening and the sun had set. as we climbed the stairs at 91st to the path encompassing the reservoir, the humble skyline of the upper west side came slowly and magically into view. it's a stunning sight.

then, as we crossed the park, walking north and finally west along the reservoir path, the downtown skyline rose up like a looming, beautiful giant, glowing in the gloom of a hazy, foggy night.

and i thought to myself, "i live here. this is where i live."


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