Tuesday, April 28, 2009

you don't look a day over 84

last night, along with rachel york, dean pitchford, charlotte rae and rob hancock, i sang happy birthday to the lovely and talented sheldon harnick. celebrating his 85th, harnick quipped, "people always say i look good for my age. well, i just discovered that i'm dyslexic, which means i'm actually only 58."


  1. i read that on rob's FB page. should i know who this guy is, tony?

  2. i do know that rachel york is awfully pirdy....did this b-day celebration take place in NYC? rachel is hot - oh, i said that.

  3. great voice. york. you and rob, too. :)

  4. ohhhhh...THAT sheldon harnick! i should've known that, huh? maybe. tell rachel i need a theater companion in Miami the end of May. seriously. and a belated happy-b-day to mr. harnick. sounds like a very nice time.

  5. ohmygod. jeff, your little conversation with yourself made me laugh out loud.

    rachel york was okay. but the hit of the evening was the young mr. hancock.


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