Wednesday, April 8, 2009

those crazy canucks!

from the comments, regarding gay marriage's threat to...uh...non-gay marriage. aaron writes:
"Here in Canada, the homos have been getting married for years and they're quite humble. But this is Canada.

Oddly enough, Amy and I remain happily married even as gay and lesbian couples right and left tie the knot. Maybe we're just not fully taking in the reality of the situation. Of course, our diocese is working on a rite for the blessing of same-sex unions.

Maybe THAT will end western civilization as we know it."

ottawa is beautiful in spring...

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  1. Just checking in to let you know that all seems to be going well for hetero marriage in British Columbia too.

    Despite all the Marys marrying down on the beaches of BC, Michelle and I are still safely in the embrace of the sacrament of marriage endorsed by our Church some 15 years ago.

    For whatever reason, we don't feel threatened everytime we pass through the Peace Arch Crossing on our way back from Seattle.


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