Wednesday, April 8, 2009

more crazy canucks!

another country province heard from: commenter christopher chimes in to let us know that married heteros and married marys can live together in peace in b.c:
"Just checking in to let you know that all seems to be going well for hetero marriage in British Columbia too.

Despite all the Marys marrying down on the beaches of BC, Michelle and I are still safely in the embrace of the sacrament of marriage endorsed by our Church some 15 years ago.

For whatever reason, we don't feel threatened everytime we pass through the Peace Arch Crossing on our way back from Seattle."
but what do they tell the kids in school?


  1. Well, that's B.C. for you. Bunch of granola munching hippies...

  2. Granola? Dude, we stopped Britney inside of three songs the other night with a cloud of BC Bud...


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