Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the tassel's worth the hassle

should a public school hold its graduation ceremony in a church?

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  1. Wrong, wrong, wrong! (*#&$@)(&!! like this just pisses me off. God did not give me my diploma, and I'm not going to his house to pick it up either!!! BTW, didn't they build some big-ass motherfuckin' theatre complex out in ol' Brookfield that could hold these dumbshits and their spawn?!? I don't believe for ONE mf minute that there isn't a hall within driving distance of these schools that could accomodate them.

    Here's a hint you dipshits - split the group up if you can't find a big enough hall - limit the number of invited guests - remote broadcast to off-site locations, shit - put it on cable access if you have too!

    Seriously? Not one hotel, conference center, athletic facility, community center, college or university facility with driving distance, huh?

    Now, don't get me wrong, this dumbass idea does not meet the test requiring a separation of 'church and state', which is probably what their lawyer-parents-parishioners are telling them.

    But son-of-a-bitch is this stupid!


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