Friday, April 10, 2009

republican tip of the day

even other republicans are laughing behind your backs

hi republicans! here's a little tip for you: invoking the boston tea party is one thing (wasn't there a great schoolhouse rock...?) and while there is a perfectly legitimate position to be taken regarding reigning in government deficits, debt and spending (especially once the economy comes roaring back - any day now) perhaps you could have picked a better name for the little parties you're having around the country.

the following definitions are not from me, they are taken directly from
teabagging: to have a man insert his scrotum into another person's mouth in the fashion of a teabag into a mug with an up/down (in/out) motion.
or there is this somewhat more colorful definition:
teabag: dipping one's nuts in a chicks mouth, or when the party crashin' asshole passes out, you 'drape' the ballsack over the face.
and if that's not clear enough for you, there's this (my personal favorite):
teabagger: one who slaps another person in the face with their nad sack.
now republicans. if that's what you're gonna be doing down by the river all next week, you might wanna let these people know. and maybe you should ask larry craig and lindsey graham to post a few flyers at their favorite "local pub."

i'm gonna guess, though, that some crusty old white guy somewhere came up with this bright idea (there were plenty at that convention you held last year) and y'all didn't even know it meant that scrotum dropping stuff. and i know – "you're not the right or the republican party," but c'mon, you weren't dropping bag when the last white house guy took a gazillion dollar surplus and pissed it away.

the other thing is this: i'm not sure, but i think during that original boston tea party deal they actually dumped a whole bunch of tea into boston harbor. like, a shitload of it.

in comparison, you look kinda silly standing there waiving your little white sacks around.

nonetheless...teabags up, and good luck!

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