Wednesday, April 8, 2009

quote of the day

“He has a few weapons. I know he has a machine gun, I know he has a couple rifles and I know he has a couple handguns. They’re recreational and for deer hunting. I mean, he’s not a bad kid.”
– marianne klimczyk
aunt of richard poplawski
(poplawski, 22, is accused of using an assault rifle to fatally shoot three pittsburgh police officers last saturday morning in stanton heights, pa. under federal law, citizens may purchase long guns, including semiautomatic AK-47s, from private owners without acquiring a license and without registering the weapons. it is thought that poplawski obtained every weapon legally.)


  1. "The truth is that, when you get down to the boring, un-Rambo-ish details, it's hard to envisage a scenario in which the benefits of owning a gun for the sake of self-defence outnumber the pitfalls." ~ Chris Ayers Times online Los Angeles correspondent

    He pretty much sums up my attitude:

    Also, being a recent immigrant to Canada and having grown up in a gun friendly family, I'm happy to debate anyone on the outcomes of stricker gun controls.

  2. typos piss me off.
    not "stricker"


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